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Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Managing Director, Home Renovator, Vinyl Collector

Wearing multiple hats is a theme of Jeremy’s career – and one he thrives in as the Managing Director of Hammer Marketing. His duties are too long to list but include setting clients’ high-level vision and strategy, building and supporting our talented team, guiding business development, and managing operations. If that sounds like a lot, it is – but Jeremy enjoys the variety of challenges and, in his own words, “Loves it when the pieces of a plan come together.” 

Before joining Hammer Marketing in 2014, Jeremy graduated from Albright College with a dual degree in International Business and Digital Media, and studied abroad in Germany for two semesters. He started his career at a medical device company where his myriad responsibilities included sales, marketing, design, trade show planning, and plenty more. Jeremy then made the switch to the marketing agency world, where he brought his jack-of-all-trades approach to his role as Manager of Client Engagement and then Director of Business Development.   

Having experienced the agency relationship from the client’s side (learning what works and what doesn’t), Jeremy makes sure our approach prioritizes two-way collaboration and transparency. He also shares his professional insights through speaking engagements with local chambers of commerce and non-profits organizations.

When he’s not orchestrating projects and operations at our agency, you can find Jeremy spending time with his wife and two young sons, tackling his latest home renovation project, cycling, or listening to his eclectic vinyl collection. He is also passionate about environmental sustainability and consults with businesses and municipalities on their electrification efforts.   

Here’s some projects Jeremy has worked on.