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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and depending on the industry you’re in, you could be ramping up for an uptick in sales (looking at you chocolate companies and florists) or it may not be the busiest. See how something as simple as an emoji can boost your marketing efforts.

1. Use Emojis

We get it — sometimes a subject line full of ❤️❤️❤️s can feel over the top, but it can be eye catching and increase engagement. An Adweek survey shows 60% of emoji users have a higher likelihood to engage with brands online through emojis.

🥰 Use common sense. If smiley faces and hearts do not fit your brand tone, then skip the googly eyes and stay on brand.

😍 If you’re not sure whether you can get away with a well-placed emoji in content try it first on your social media channels and gauge from there.

Pro Tip: Find a list of emojis and their browser-supported codes here.

2. Target Last Minute Shoppers

You know the saying about death and taxes? Well, we’d like to add last minute shoppers to that list of certainties. There is always an “oops I forgot” element to your audience — and they are desperate.

Don’t be shy — if they’ve gotten this close to V-day without a gift, you’re probably going to have to scream to get their attention.

“Order Today to Get His Valentine’s Day Gift in Time,” might do it. If you can get away with it go for the jugular: “We’re Here to Save Your Relationship! Thank Us Later” or “We Know You Forgot Valentine’s Day but We Didn’t. 2-Day Shipping to the Rescue”

Feel free to add a “don’t sweat it,” emoji 😰for effect.

Pro Tip: Quick shipping, customizations, instant redemption (gift cards), and social proof (as seen on Tik Tok) will appeal to the Last-Minute Shopper. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

3. Cater to the Uncoupled

You know who doesn’t get enough love on Valentine’s Day, literally AND figuratively? Single people. While everyone else is angling for the attention of the paired, swoop on in and grab the auspiciously unattached. Who can say no to a showing of self-love on February 14? Bonus points if your brand can offer best friend, owner and pet, or group experiences. Puppy spa day anyone?

Pro Tip: Don’t just repackage your couples offering. Even if everyone gets the same deal be purposeful, empowering, and celebratory when speaking to your untethered audience. They will appreciate it.

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Try one, or all of these, and let us know how they worked for you brand. Valentine’s Day is just one of our favorite holidays to create smart content around. You can have all of Hammer Marketing’s industry tips and tricks delivered right to your inbox. We’ll try to take it easy on the ❤️🥰 😍s