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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can either be a tremendous opportunity if done correctly, or a giant waste of money if not. At Hammer Marketing, we have a proven track record developing integrated digital marketing campaigns that boost website traffic, convert leads, increase revenue, and more.   But before we start any tactical implementation, we develop a digital marketing strategy based on your needs and goals. Every campaign is customized – there’s not a cookie-cutter program or one-size-fits-all approach here. We work with your budget and timeline to determine the optimal tactics and platforms from our extensive digital marketing repertoire.  

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Immediate impact, long-term approach

While our sophisticated approach to digital marketing yields some short-term results, the full benefits come from the long-term relationships we foster for ongoing optimization and continued growth. 

Progressing at your speed 

Our approach caters to your comfort zone. For some clients, that means ramping things quickly, while others prefer a more conservative path. We meet you where you are and enhance the plan at your pace. 

Powerful partnerships  

Not to brag, but we are certified partners with industry-leading platforms such as Google, MailChimp, and DotDigital. So, you can be sure you’re getting top-notch expertise and implementation.  

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Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Marketing Think about all the ways we interact with digital technology these days. Social media, online search, news articles, smart devices, streaming services, podcasts – and the list goes on. It may seem unrealistic to reach your audience…

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Email Marketing

Have your message land directly into your audience’s inbox with email marketing campaigns that actually get opened.

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Search Engine Marketing

When your customers search online, we make sure they can find you (for the lowest cost, we might add).

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Marketing Automation

Connect multiple channels and set up automatic workflows that enable you to reach customers at various parts of their journey.

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Search Engine Optimization

We create and execute algorithm-friendly strategies to improve your position with the leading search engines.

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Social Media Marketing

Following best practices, we can help you reach and engage with your customers on their preferred social platforms.

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