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Uncommon Flagpoles

A flagpole manufacturing giant gets a modern redesign, and ecommerce marketing strategy makeover to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Uncommon Flagpoles

In the mid 1980s, Uncommon Flagpoles Inc. created the first telescoping flagpole, enabling memorial flags to be easily—and beautifully—displayed in honor of fallen Veterans. Today, the Uncommon Telescoping Flagpole continues to set the standard for flagpoles.

Located in Willmar, Minnesota, Uncommon Flagpoles—aka Uncommon USA or Uncommon—sells thousands of telescoping flagpoles. Flown only on holidays and special occasions, the entire flagpole can be collapsed with the push of a button and removed for storage, until the next event, and then once again easily slipped into the ground sleeve and raised. A proud Veteran-owned company, Uncommon boasts quality and value, with honesty and a strong work ethic build in.


The original Uncommon Flagpoles’ website was created more than a decade ago. The site had a dated look and feel that was not current, or customer-friendly. Hosted on Yahoo!, the flagpole manufacturer’s site had no ecommerce capability, making it little more than an online brochure. In 2021 Yahoo abandoned web hosting following the sale of its Small Business Essentials portfolio —that, coupled with Uncommon Flagpoles prioritizing scalability to boost sales meant it was time for a modernized website, and digital presence. The new website and subsequent digital marketing strategy needed to include automation, emails, social, and overarching brand messaging. Analytics were also lacking, leaving Uncommon without any insight into purchasing patterns or users.

To achieve an up-to-date look, Hammer Marketing redesigned the company’s website. Hammer Commerce facilitated the migration of the website to BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS solution that enables online sales. After the site was successfully built ecommerce marketing was the focus moving forward. Hammer Marketing created a Looker Studio dashboard to visualize and present Google Analytics’ data and reports. This information is analyzed and used to make tactical ecommerce marketing decisions.

Klaviyo, an award-winning customer data platform was introduced to support automated email and SMS marketing for Uncommon Flagpoles. Last, a full-service Google Ads campaign helped move the needle on online sales.


Increase in Revenue from Paid Search

Increase in Revenue from Organic Search

The new website and digital strategy launched the company’s sales into the stratosphere. Since the launch of the new Uncommon Flagpoles, Klayvio email efforts account for almost 10% of total revenue—an increase of 2,659%. Paid search and advertising has generated a 285% increase in revenue, while organic marketing has created a 122% increase. Transactions as a result of social marketing have seen an increase of 350%.

When Hammer Marketing took on paid search campaigns the goal was to create purposeful, analytics-driven management, and the implementation of best practices across the board. Paid advertising is now one of the top revenue producers for business, consistently hitting above-benchmarks clickthrough and conversion rates. The average search marketing campaign runs at 8.6 to 9+ Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Uncommon’s Google Ads SEM campaigns, for instance, are the leading sources of new users, engaged sessions, and total revenue.

In April 2022, Hammer established a Google Ads Performance Max (PMax) campaign enabling a AI to find the most likely buyers for Uncommon’s products.

Bottom line—the new Uncommon website and marketing tactics have proven to be exceptionally customer-friendly, as evidenced by the significant, and continual, increase in revenue.

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