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NCO is committed to providing high-quality, organic livestock feed through sustainable sourcing.

New Country Organics


New Country Organics

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Since its inception in 1999, New Country Organics has encouraged customers and communities to “Grow Better Than You Can Buy” to help create a food chain that works in sync with the environment to create a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world. Because of this, they focus on providing the highest quality animal feeds and organic horticulture products available.


In 2019, New Country Organics made a change to their digital footprint by migrating their website to Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) with the help of the Hammer Commerce team. This shift brought a partnership with Hammer Marketing through a Digital Marketing Retainer to help assist in evolving their marketing strategy to mirror the efforts of the website migration. They knew they wanted to partner with a digital marketing agency that could help them improve their digital marketing strategy which leveraged existing social accounts, Google Ads, and email automation to gain new customers, drive awareness, and maximize conversions. New Country Organics wanted to make it easier for customers to find high-quality products and maintain a superb reputation in the organic farming community.  


Hammer Marketing worked to optimize the existing digital marketing channels that New Country Organics had established and added others to enhance the reach of their digital presence. This included: 

All of this was done to create opportunities for prospective customers to find New Country Organic’s website and communicate their unique value to increase conversions and transactions on the site. 


With the implementation and support provided by Hammer Marketing, New Country Organics saw a 70.37% Year-over-Year (YoY) increase in revenue, and a 94.86 % YoY increase in the number of people visiting the website. 

The migration to Klaviyo and email redesign had the largest increases, revenue generated through email channels increasing by 445.37% YoY. In addition to the growth of the email marketing efforts, New Country Organic’s Google Ads campaigns saw an increase in revenue of 76.32% YoY, with a 15.70% YoY increase in the return on ad spend. An added bonus to this all: Hammer Marketing won a GDUSA Award for an NCO campaign.

The New Country Organics team found their ability to consistently deliver a great product to its customers and gain additional value while driving new customers with the changes made to the digital footprint. This has helped position the company for success now and into the future.

We ran the numbers for last Thanksgiving’s online sales performance versus this year and …. drum roll please …Our sales volume over the weekend was > 4X the prior year!! Thank you for all your creativity, diligence and engagement. Your Black Friday promotion concept was a huge win for NCO.” 

– Jim Campbell, CEO, New Country Organics

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