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Doing great work is what we strive for—creating websites, marketing campaigns, and videos that bring home results for our clients. Receiving accolades is the icing on the cake, and 2023 was an especially sweet year. Recently, we earned a total of five awards from the GD USA Awards annual competition.  

GD USA, short for Graphic Design USA, holds its American Graphic Design Awards™ every year to honor outstanding work in print, packaging, p-o-p, digital, interactive, video, and more. Hammer Marketing was top of their list, with awards for the following: 

  • Penn Engineering Recruitment Videos—We’ve worked often with Penn Engineering on internal videos. This was an opportunity for our work to be shown to a broader range of people as they were trying to recruit for their Winston-Salem facility. Our team traveled to Winston-Salem for the shoot. We created storyboards, highlighted key stakeholders, and scouted opportunities to film the facility including drone footage, and employees. In the end, we created a 2-minute video and a 30-second video to be used on their YouTube page and on social media.
  • Chester County Food Bank Van Wrap & Annual Impact Report—Awarded by the Robert Half Designing for Good Category—The Chester County Food Bank van wrap was the ideal entry for the prestigious award. The Designing for Good Category recognizes graphic communications that advance positive social and environmental action. “Unlike a traditional annual report, we took a very graphic approach to presenting the data—pulling in numbers in a more visual way with images and infographics,” said Hammer Marketing Art Director Kyle Huntzinger. The van wrap was equally unique, with graphics that made the refrigerated van appear as though it’s a crate carrying food.  
  • MGS Consulting Banned Books Social Media Campaign—Former parole officer and bibliophile Marilyn Stein is passionate about many social causes, including banned books. To spread awareness, Hammer Marketing spearheaded a Facebook campaign around Marilyn’s banned books initiative, which links to an MGS branded book journal. The goal of the social graphics was to garner conversation and engagement among the Facebook community. They coincided with blog posts on the MGS Consulting website about hot topics and specific banned books. What made the posts work so well? “The graphics themselves were bright and colorful, fitting well within the MGS brand. And the way the headlines and copy were woven into the illustrations were thoughtful and clever,” says Kyle Huntzinger. The straightforward messaging and call-to-actions really helped drive the message home—with 58,740 impressions.  
  • New Country Organics® Olive Oil Feed Campaign—A direct-to-consumer animal feed company, New Country Organics sought out Hammer Marketing to promote its organic olive oil chicken feed. “The client gave us the idea of a chicken in a toga,” says Jen Miletics, Digital Marketing Architect, “and our designer ran with it, giving them many graphic options.” Why a chicken in a toga? It reflects the persona of olive oil, which is typically Greek, and connects it with the animal for which it was formulated. With the mascot for the new feed, we started with a launch email then ran social ads on Facebook and Instagram. A teaser pre-announcement generated interest, followed by a launch gif that revealed the product, and a carousel with visuals portraying a story of the product as the “discovery” phase of the campaign.  

There’s more good news—we received the 2023 American Advertising Silver ADDY® Award for our work on the Chester County Food Bank. We were also voted Best PA Marketing Agency by UpCity, a site that “helps businesses find B2B service providers they can trust.” And in 2022, we won a GD USA award for our work on a new website for National DCP, a major player in the foodservice industry.  

“It takes a talented team and terrific clients to do great work,” says Brenda Bittinger, Creative Director. “Working together, we continue to create award-winning work that successfully promotes our clients’ messages or products.” 

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