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Photo & Video

The right visuals can make or break your marketing efforts. And the truth is, stock photography and video are often cliché and inauthentic – and could even be used by your competitors. At Hammer Marketing, we’re ready to take your original visuals from yawn-inducing to like-worthy.  

We provide professional photography and video production service to enhance the quality of your website, digital ads, or other marketing materials. Our talented team captures the essence of your people, product, and place in a way that aligns with your brand and resonates with your customers. 

See Who’s On the Team

Phenomenal photography 

Quality photos matter, whether in a brochure or social media feed. Our experienced team delivers compelling portraits, product shots, and environmental photography.   

Versatile video 

Video has become a powerful marketing tool. We can handle every aspect of your video – from concept to production to editing and motion graphics. For a unique perspective, we also offer drone videography services.

Your place or ours? 

Depending on the project or your preference, we can coordinate an on-site shoot or host in our in-house studio. Either way, we’ll make sure your brand is presented in the best light.  

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