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Programmatic Marketing

Think about all the ways we interact with digital technology these days. Social media, online search, news articles, smart devices, streaming services, podcasts – and the list goes on. It may seem unrealistic to reach your audience across all these different platforms. Not only is it possible, but it’s incredibly efficient with programmatic marketing.

At Hammer Marketing, we combine the power of programmatic media buying with a holistic marketing strategy and consistent branding. We’re thrilled to partner with Basis – a top-ranked demand-side platform (DPS) – to give our clients exceptional expertise and buying power. With programmatic marketing, we can automate highly targeted media buying on just about any digital media you can imagine. This cutting-edge approach is effective for all industries (B2B or B2C) and the complete customer journey – from awareness to consideration to conversion.

Get granular with targeting.

Programmatic marketing is the antithesis of mass media. We focus 100% of your advertising dollars on specific demographics, sociographic, locations, devices, and more.

Deploy cohesive creative.

Even with pin-point targeting, the messaging still matters to inspire your audience to take action. Our design team ensures every creative touchpoint is compelling and on-brand, whether a digital billboard, pre-roll video, or any media in between.

Full-service just got fuller.

Programmatic advertising should complement – not replace – your existing marketing tactics. We strategize and implement a full digital marketing plan, tapping into programmatic opportunities to achieve your overall marketing goals. With Hammer Marketing, you’ll have one expert team looking out for your brand and helping you achieve the highest ROI possible.