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The rumors of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, when done correctly, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers directly, and can deliver impressive conversion rates. The trick (or skill) is blending the right strategy, creativity, and technology to entice your audience to open the message and, most importantly, take action. 

With the experience of hundreds of clients – ranging from B2B to e-commerce – under our belts, Hammer Marketing knows what it takes to run successful email marketing campaigns. It starts by setting smart goals, zeroing in the right strategy, and establishing the optimal cadence. Our email calendars and creative are ideal for a wide range of email marketing efforts, including thought leadership, promotions, and corporate announcements.  

A plethora of platforms 

We’re proud to be agency partners with many of the leading email platforms. However, we don’t play favorites and will recommend a solution based on your specific needs.  

Teamwork makes it work 

For any given email blast, there are multiple steps – from design to development to copy to distribution. Our team excels at communication and collaboration to ensure a smooth, swift process.  

Best practices? You bet 

Our email marketing campaigns follow the latest best practices for design, CAN-SPAM, GDPR compliance, legal compliance, open rates, click rates, and more.