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New customers don’t appear out of thin air – or do they? With marketing automation, you can leverage sophisticated software and big data to dynamically engage with your target audience based on their individual journey. Marketing teams often find they’re stretched thin in resources and time. Automated journeys across platforms make up for some of these gaps by doing the time heavy work for you. They’re customizable, scalable, and cost-effective in relation to hiring double the amount of people.  

At Hammer Marketing, we help you harness the full potential of marketing automation. By combining our strategic mindset with MarTech expertise, we build campaigns that enable you to reach your goals, consistently and effortlessly. Not only do these campaigns utilize the newest strategy in the digital landscape, we regularly assess functionality and effectiveness to keep your ROI at its peak.  

Experience matters 

Marketing automation is powerful – but it can also be complex to set up and manage. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of best practices for e-commerce, B2B, and niche industries.  

We set it but don’t forget it 

Our sophisticated approach delivers personalized content across multiple channels at all stages of the conversion funnel. We also fine-tune and test the workflow to avoid missed opportunities and troubleshooting down the road. 

Pick your platform 

With experience in various platforms – including Pardot, Marketo, DotDigital, and Klaviyo – we can enhance your existing marketing suite or recommend a new solution for your needs.