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Suburban Tile

Suburban Tile, a commercial tile, terrazzo, and stone installation company turned to Weidenhammer to provide an updated look and feel to their website.

Suburban Tile

Suburban Tile, a commercial tile, terrazzo, and stone installation company, has been serving Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for 50 years. Their talented craftsmen create installations designed to beautify and transform, through ornate mosaics, large format porcelain, and intricate terrazzo. Through a customer-centric approach, careful planning, and expert execution, Suburban Tile delivers creative, transformative designs that are both timeless and time-tested.


While Suburban Tile has more than 50 years of commercial experience, their minimal digital presence makes it difficult to establish credibility with prospective clients. While they had a website, it was primarily a landing page with their logo and a phone number. To better compete in the digital space, Suburban Tile recognized a need fora new website. They decided to reached out to Hammer Marketing for help. 


Designing and developing a new website is always an opportunity to discuss desired functionalities and explore ways to display information creatively. During these conversations, there were three primary use cases that Suburban Tile identified;  using the site as a marketing tool to attract engage prospective customers, using the site as a platform to better engage with its employees, and using the site as a way to showcase a portfolio of their beautiful work. 

Prior to starting the website project, they had just undergone a branding refresh that provided them with a new logo, typography, and color palette. This new aesthetic gave us the perfect opportunity to create unique design elements for the website. One such element was a hero animation that greeted visitors upon arriving to the site. It allowed us to visually display samples from Suburban Tile’s portfolio while creating a sense of excitement and energy for the user, inviting them to explore more.  

The use of a hamburger style menu with sliding blocks for the menu items was intentional and  meant to evoke the way tiles are slotted into place. It was also a nod back to Suburban Tile’s new logo. We suggested adding the filter so users could customize their experience based on the materials used, project type, or service provided. Finally, we designed a password protected section of the site where current and newly hired employees can find helpful resources. 


Now Suburban Tile has a new website that reflects the word-of-mouth brand reputation they had acquired over its 50 years. The three goals that Suburban Tile identified as their priorities were integrated throughout the site’s development and design. They now have a landing spot for current and prospective customers, along with current and future employees. Best of all, the new website is modern, professional, and energetic, reflecting the company’s craftsmanship and commitment to its customers.

For over 50 years, Suburban Enterprises Terrazzo & Tile has built a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, quality, and performance. Our commercial tile installation company needed an exceptional website to represent our proud legacy. Hammer Marketing was able to help us achieve that.

– Kathleen Claudy, Finance and Administration

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