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Longtime client and partner, Coordinated Health, once again collaborated with Weidenhammer Creative on a new website to highlight one of their many treatment areas. In order to highlight the array and quality of services offered by the Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics team. The website brings attention to the skill and expertise of the team while helping patients navigate the numerous elective procedures.

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The design of the site is dynamic. Visually impactful, the design is accented with custom subtle animation and a highlight on photos. A seamless blend of video, information, and photography helps patients browsing the site to learn about both Coordinated Health as a healthcare system and the plastic surgery team.

Coordinated Health is a client we’ve collaborated with many times in the past,” says Weidenhammer Creative senior developer, Cory Mensch. “We have such a long history that it’s always a great opportunity to be able to work with them.

The technical aspects of the site provide a sophisticated, user-friendly experience for patients accessing the site. Despite the inclusion of subtle animations and interesting visual elements, the site is still easy to navigate. It is also fully responsive, so it can be accessed on tablets and mobile, with a navigation that remains easy to use and visually impactful.