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With us, it’s more than a project – it’s a partnership.

Does managing your digital marketing feel like pushing a boulder up a hill? In today’s landscape, having the right in-house capacity and expertise can be challenging, if not downright impossible.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone (remember, even those who climb Mt. Everest have assistance). At Hammer Marketing, we offer retainer engagements to help you plan, implement, and optimize your digital marketing initiatives.

Custom is our standard.

Our digital marketing retainers are tailored to your needs and objectives. We can become an extension of your team to provide extra bandwidth. We can fill the knowledge or skill gaps that are preventing you from trying new tactics. We can serve as a virtual CMO to provide high-level strategic guidance. Or, all of the above.

While every engagement is unique, our retainers typically include a 12-month commitment, starting around 35 hours per month (with plenty of room to grow).

If you’re looking for as-needed marketing support, our open services engagement may be a better fit.

Benefits of a marketing retainer.

When you have ongoing marketing needs or want to take your digital brand to the next level, a retainer can be the most effective and cost-efficient approach.

Strategic thinking

A retainer allows us to roll up our sleeves, take a strategic mindset, and bring proactive ideas to the table. In other words, we’re always thinking about ways to grow your business.

Consistent team

You get a dedicated digital marketing architect and project manager, plus access to our team of designers, developers, and other marketing specialists who understand your brand.

Designed for scalability

As your business grows, you can seamlessly scale your marketing without adding to your headcount or upskilling your existing team.

Discounted rate

With a retainer, you get top-notch work at our lowest rate. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

You can count on us (really).

At Hammer Marketing, we’re not one of those agencies that pull out the dog -and-pony-show to get your business, only to leave you underwhelmed once the real work begins.

Our team is fully committed to you at every stage of the engagement. In fact, we typically find that our retainer partnerships get stronger over time as we build trust and positive momentum. We also incorporate multiple touchpoints into our process – from weekly check-ins to quarterly progress reports – to ensure you always get the attention your brand deserves.

We speak fluent C-suite.

We’re not just here to make things happen and stay behind the scenes. Your KPIs become our top priority. As your partner, we’re here to help you align marketing with other internal departments, perform audits, and report to leadership.

What does a retainer look like?

In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect over the 12-month engagement.

Discovery and strategic roadmap

Over the first few months, we hit the ground running to learn about your business and audience, analyze your tech stack, set goals, and identify metrics to track. All this foundational work culminates into a custom marketing strategy.

Marketing triage

In conjunction with the discovery phase, our team addresses your immediate tactical needs to keep the gears turning and the leads flowing while we implement the long-term strategy.

Ongoing campaign management

Once the campaign launches, our work is just beginning. From website updates to media buying optimization to fresh and new creative, we’re here for whatever you need, when you need it.

Year-end review

At the end of the 12 months, we hold a review and outlook meeting to have an honest discussion of what went well and what we’ll change moving forward. Essentially, we want to prove our value and re-earn our partnership.

I have worked with Hammer Marketing since 2016, engaging in an ongoing retainer, email marketing, and social media marketing. Most recently, they completed a complete website redevelopment and design project. The original team I worked with has grown, but my experience has stayed the same – Hammer Marketing does excellent work. Their creative ideas have led to the growth of our company’s marketing strategies and techniques.

Andrea W – Marketing Coordinator

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