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Our newest site launch is something a bit near and dear to our hearts. A division of Weidenhammer, Hammer Commerce helps clients build, maintain, and revamp their eCommerce sites. When Hammer Commerce decided to move forward with their own website redesign, they decided to keep it in the family and reached out to us.

While we work closely with Hammer Commerce, we treated their site redesign just like our clients. An overall site audit was completed, followed by interviews with their team to see how they wanted the site to function, their likes and dislikes of the current site, and what they wanted to highlight about their team’s capabilities.

hammer commerce website launch

The user experience is often one of the most important functions on a site and informs the customer journey. Modernizing the flow within Hammer Commerce’s new site meant the UX was organic and effective. Working together, we added new content to highlight their team’s offerings and methodology for guiding clients to reach their business goals.

After the design team finished wireframing and producing an updated look and feel, our development team dove in headfirst. Functionality is always an important factor but it serves another purpose, scaleability. Our developers ensured the site could be scaled with Hammer Commerce’s growing portfolio while preserving functionality.

Launching the new site was both exciting and fulfilling as we continue working closely with Hammer Commerce. It’s not uncommon for our team to be on calls together and it was a fun project for everyone. Take a look at the redesigned site and see how Hammer Commerce can help grow your eCommerce business.

Check out the new site!

“While developing the strategy for the Hammer Commerce website, our teams worked collaboratively to understand the needs of our commerce coworkers just as we would when designing a site for outside clients. Everyone was open to feedback and helped us create a site that highlights the amazing capabilities of our commerce team, showcases their clients and projects, and highlights the overall branding of the Weidenhammer family.” – Laura Mory