Home // Hammer Marketing Promotes Emily Rudolph to Web Developer

When Emily Rudolph was hired as a graphic design intern in Fall 2018, we had no idea just what an asset she would become to Hammer Marketing. She’s what we call a unicorn – someone who can do more than one thing quite well. At Hammer Marketing, our unicorns are often those who are skilled in both design and development. And that’s exactly what Emily brings to our team as a newly appointed web developer.

When we met her, she was still a student in Kutztown University’s renowned Communication Design program. During the course of her internship, she managed to impress us completely with her quality of work, openness to new challenges, and fit with the team. She made such an impression that we couldn’t wait to bring her on board in a full-time role. However, we needed to wait for her to finish her B.F.A.

So we invited her to stay on a part-time basis, doing project work when she could as she completed her degree — and then offered her a full-time position after graduation. We elevated her from intern to a Design and Development Associate, which fosters both design and web development skills. It also allows the team member to explore which area they might want to specialize in professionally. That’s because at Hammer Marketing, we believe in investing in our team members and their growth.

During her time as an Associate, Emily was lead developer on the Suburban Tile website. It was her first time having the lead development role on a complete project. The site contained animation, which was both a fun and frustrating challenge that pushed Emily to new gain new skills. Emily’s work since joining us has led to satisfied clients, continued collaboration, and successful projects.

Her interest in emerging technologies led her to specialize in Web Development – and we’re thrilled to announce her promotion to the role of Web Developer. She has already had an instrumental hand in our work: our new website, HammerMarketing.com, was designed by her! We also have a new site of hers coming soon — stay tuned for Hammer Tech! 

Outside of work, Emily takes a break from screens through various crafts. Her favorites include cross-stitching, weaving, crocheting, and other tactile hobbies. And she’s very much a fan of spending time down at the shore.

It has been a true pleasure watching Emily grow, discover her professional passions, and watch how she has developed a rapport with our team members and clients. Congratulations, Emily, and we’re delighted to watch you soar as you continue to expand your skill set in your new role at Hammer Marketing!