Home // History Comes to Life with the New Industrial Archives & Library Website

Hammer Marketing is excited to announce the launch of the new Industrial Archives & Library website. This project was a collaboration with the amazing team at Lehigh Mining and Navigation. Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Industrial Archives & Library is an independent organization tasked with collecting and preserving industrial records. The preservation of these records has served as a resource for historians, and has educated students and visitors who walk through the center.

At the beginning of the project, a thorough review of the site revealed an outdated look and feel with links redirecting visitors to outside sites. The team at Industrial Archives echoed that sentiment as we worked through each page. We visited the IAL location, where we viewed their vast collection of artifacts and documents. Through the exploration of imagery, books, and other media, we built a catalog of aesthetic elements to create a modern site reflective of Industrial Archives’ mission.

Through the creation of a unified search, researchers are now able to search on-site with multiple content repositories. The guidance and direction of IAL staff allowed the content to be broken down into less technical terminology and replaced with laymen’s terms — in order to make the content more accessible to non-historians. Our design team helped fit IAL with a look that was both on brand and instantly recognizable as a historical preservation organization.

Industrial Archives has a rich collection of records showcasing the industrial history of the area and now they have a website reflecting this archive.

“The collaboration with the Industrial Archives team was a huge part in the success of designing their new site. We had access to remarkable historic imagery, documentation, and libraries that enabled us to tell their story and bring life back into the historic relics that they preserve. The site now has a modern look and feel that caters to their diverse audience.” 

Brenda Bittinger

A team effort from start to finish, the redesign of the Industrial Archives & Library website enabled a seamless transition from the rich physical experience to the digital experience.