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What can an SEO specialist do to help? How can they bring value to your organization? SEO specialists can bring value to your organization in a variety of ways: time, expertise, growth, and more. This list could be endless, but in this article, we’ll share on three key benefits, with a focus on how a specialist can help your organic search performance.


Working with a digital marketing agency can be great because you’ll have access to one or more SEO specialists, and all their expertise. That expertise can be beneficial for organizations with many types of websites, but especially websites that have been around for a while. Whether you’re switching to https, or doing a redesign, or something else entirely, you want to make sure you have expertise on tap so you don’t harm the existing SEO you’ve worked so hard to earn. Or, if your site is new, you want to make sure you have a solid SEO foundation and that your site is set up to for SEO performance. SEO specialists can help you make wise decisions that will help you preserve, jump start, or improve your organic traffic.


SEO is a collection of activities focused on improving your visibility in organic search. Those activities take time. Plus, you’re like going to have to plan for those activities, and then build reports to measure the effectiveness of those SEO-focused activities. SEO isn’t your only priority. We all have competing priorities, so the question is, do you have time to work on SEO? Maybe, but for many, the answer is probably not. This is where an SEO specialist can step in and do the heavy lifting of SEO-focused work, giving you back time to focus on things that are important to you and other areas of the business.


Because agencies often work with many companies at once, they usually have a collection of SEO tools and solutions to help support their many clients. This one of the easy-to-see benefits of working with an agency SEO specialist, whereas in-house SEOs can sometimes struggle to get buy-in to acquire budget for SEO resources. These resources alone can be extremely powerful and useful, in understanding a site’s SEO opportunities, and forming a results-focused SEO strategy. These tools could include SEO software, digital analytics, or some other resource that can help organizations acquire data and insights.


Companies have many options when it comes to SEO: hire an in-house SEO, hire an agency with an SEO specialist, or specialists, hire a short-term SEO consultant, or some other option. Finding the right fit isn’t easy, but it is important. Go with what works best for your company.

We feel there’s strong reasoning to go with an agency that can support your SEO needs and give you the expertise, time, and resources you need to be successful. At Weidenhammer, we’re well-versed in digital marketing and can help your SEO performance, along with other digital marketing channels. Drop us a line today!