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If you’re new to WordPress, or switching to WordPress from a different Content Management System (CMS), you might be asking yourself: Is WordPress good for SEO? It’s an important question. With over 2 billion daily searches on Google’s search engine alone, and the majority of clicks going to the top results on the first page of search results, making sure you have an SEO-friendly platform and an SEO-optimized website is essential. Below are some reasons we think WordPress can help with SEO.

WordPress is Extendible

One of the platform’s greatest strengths is its flexibility and extendibility to enable SEO enhancements. When you work with a WordPress agency like Weidenhammer, you’re going to have a mobile-friendly website that will be well worth the investment.

When you look to go after SEO and you find yourself needing additional flexibility and functionality that’s not included in the core product, you’re able to add free and premium plugins to extend the capabilities of WordPress. Adding on new functionality also means you’ll need to configure it to make it work for you, but being able to extend the system to be more SEO-friendly and offer new SEO features, is one reasons WordPress continues to be a CMS of choice for the market.

WordPress Is Built for Speed

You can make WordPress fly. Ok, you can’t WordPress can’t really fly, but you can make it fast, and in the world of SEO, speed is very, very welcome. If you’re looking to improve website performance, plugins can help you get the most out of WordPress. There are a variety of plugin options that let you quickly improve the performance and speed of your website. With the page experience update set to launch in 2021, Core Web Vitals will become more of a focus for anyone involved with an organization’s website. In plain language, that means organizations need to make sure they are delivering a fast experience to their web visitors, and with some work, WordPress can help deliver that type of experience.

WordPress Makes Writing Easy

With WordPress’s new editor, Gutenberg, writing SEO-friendly content is a breeze. Because Gutenberg is the future of WordPress, all sites built by Weidenhammer include this new functionality, as it delivers an excellent writing experience for new and well-seasoned content writers and publishers. You can easily update and edit content and publish changes quickly. Plus, many of the plugins you can add to WordPress are also built for the future and are Gutenberg-ready and Gutenberg-friendly.


WordPress is an excellent Content Management System and Blogging Platform. Out of the box, it offers robust settings management, system flexibility, and an easy-to-use editor for content creation and optimization. With it, you can create great content on a mobile-friendly framework and deliver fast sites to users. If you’re able to do execute on these three core items, amongst other SEO activities, you can rank for keywords and drive organic traffic to your site. Here at Weidenhammer, we’re WordPress experts. We know, use, and love the WordPress platform proudly. Our team of digital marketing experts can help you create or optimize a powerful WordPress site. Contact us to start a project today!