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In today’s world, customers (and even employees) expect that there’s “an app for that.” However, developing apps for multiple online stores is complicated, time-consuming, and costly. The solution?  A Progressive Web App (PWA). 

A PWA looks and feels like a native mobile app but is web-browser-based, so you don’t have to jump through all the hoops of the big-name app stores. Many of the features that brands and users love about apps – convenience, push notifications, audio/video capture, full-screen viewing, touch gestures, and more – are often possible with a PWA.  

At Hammer Marketing, we’re at the forefront of PWA development. While PWAs will likely be mainstream in a few years, we help clients take advantage of this exciting technology today.  

One app for multiple environments. 

Since a PWA is web-based, it requires a single code base that can be used across all devices. That means no more duplicating efforts to create separate apps for each marketplace. Plus, PWAs scale up for desktop, providing even more use out of one project.  

Easy maintenance and updates. 

Unlike native apps, newer versions of a PWA do not have to be downloaded from an app store – it automatically refreshes when the application is launched. Not only is this approach more convenient for your users, but it also takes a hefty burden off your development team.  

Did we mention SEO? 

As an added benefit of being web-based (not concealed behind the walled garden of an app marketplace), PWAs can be indexed by search engines, helping boost your SEO.