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Hammer Marketing is proud to announce the launch of the new WoofTrax website. WoofTrax is an organization that allows dog owners to download their app and walk their pup while simultaneously raising money for the animal shelter or rescue of their choice. The more they walk, the more money they raise. All of this is financed by corporate sponsors like Nationwide Insurance and The Farmer’s Dog, who share in WoofTrax’s incredible mission.  

Working in conjunction with the great team at Lehigh Mining and Navigation, our goal for the project was to build an engaging promotional site using WoofTrax’s new branding. We needed to make their mission clear and promote website visitors to become app users. How did we pull this off? Through a reorganization of the information, streamlined content, and clearer delineation of content for different website user personas. Sprinkling in user testimonials, and an “In the News” section provided credibility for the brand and an overall round of a-paws! 

This was a particularly rewarding project to take part in considering I and much of our team are dog-people. Check out WoofTrax’s newly rebuilt website.

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