Home // Supporting Growth for a Local Credit Union Through an Enhanced User Experience

We’re proud to announce our latest website launch, Riverfront Federal Credit Union. By focusing on updating the coding language of the site, as well as creating a cohesive site map and user experience, our team brought new life to an established business in the community. Founded in 1948, Riverfront FCU originally began as the RDG Reading Federal Credit Union to serve the employees of the Reading Railroad. As they grew, other organizations and companies began to join. In 1987, RDG became Riverfront Federal Credit Union to reflect the diversity of membership.

2000 and 2008 brought added changes, including the City of Reading joining and a charter amendment to allow anyone who currently lives, works, worships, or attends school in Berks County to join, respectively.

Riverfront’s website is an extremely useful tool for its current and prospective members, so ensuring a positive user experience was a top priority. “They have a lot of pages and subpages so getting everything in the right place(s) took some careful planning,” says Kyle Huntzinger, lead designer on the project. After cohesively framing out the new site, lead developer, Lee Gustin, took over to translate into coding.

Riverfront’s original site utilized asp as the coding language. While beneficial in terms of cost and availability, asp may reduce Google’s ability to follow some of the URL paths. Lee updated the code with our modern base theme and used PHP and WordPress to allow easier navigation for search engines and SEO improvements.

Optimizing the website meant tracking conversions and traffic efficiently. Fred Zahradnik, our resident Analytics expert, installed tracking metrics throughout the site so Riverfront FCU could easily see their traffic, heat map, and find what site visitors were most interested in viewing.

Collectively, our team was able to present Riverfront with a scalable site built to help them continue to grow and serve the community of Berks County. We’re proud of our work and hope you’ll take a moment to check our Riverfront’s new site here: https://riverfrontfcu.org/