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Maybe you accidentally mistyped the URL, maybe the page moved and they forgot to redirect it, or maybe it just doesn’t exist anymore. We’re hoping it’s the first one, since the other two may negatively impact your SEO. But, if you’re going to have a 404 error, you might as well have a great one. As self-declared marketing and development nerds, we’re always up for a good 404. We bugged a few of our team members to find out their favorites. Check them out below!


“We had some great photography from the Wooftrax photoshoot that inspired us to design this custom 404 page. The iconic “cone of shame” image and some light-hearted copy created a pleasant surprise.” – Brenda Bittinger, Creative Director


“Just jumping on the nerd train” – Alexa Valenta, Contract Junior Art Director

Straight Arrow – Mane ‘n Tail

“One of my favorite 404 pages I’ve ever worked on!” – Kyle Huntzinger, Senior Web Designer


“The balls are clickable and make noise. And by noise, I mean a human interpreting a cat’s meow” – Lee Gustin, Senior Developer


“The image is just so relatable. It shows the frustration of trying to find information with no luck.” – Laura Mory, Director of Operations


“It’s less annoying to see because there are pictures of adorable, real people’s pets on there. Every time you refresh, it’s a different set of pets!’ – Ksen Golovkina, Digital Marketing Architect


“It’s Marvel! Plus they rotate randomly, which is great.” – Jeremy Winch, Technical Lead

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

“I’m obsessed with their social media accounts and this is top-tier humor to me.” – Whitney Saadi, Digital Marketing Architect

Some Advice

There’s some thought behind auto-directing traffic to your home page, but experts recommend not doing this since it dumps the user without guidance on how to find what they’re searching for on your site. The best kind of 404 pages are clever, on brand, but also provide useful guidance and links. (Thanks Fred Zahradnik, Search Marketing Specialist!)

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