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Custom-designed posters, branding, and videos put an unmistakable spotlight on our favorite art non-profit.


ArtsQuest is the type of client you dream about as a design firm. ArtsQuest’s projects are always fun, challenging and high profile. We’ve been fortunate to work with ArtsQuest on a number of projects in recent years. Below is a sampling of some of our favorites.

Event Posters

In mid 2010, our team was approached by ArtsQuest to help them develop a new design direction for the upcoming year’s MUSIKFEST poster. Being the huge MUSKIFEST fans that we are, this was quite a welcome surprise! Upon completion of the 2011 poster, we were immediately unleashed on the Oktoberfest Poster and then again had the privilege of designing the 2012 MUSIKFEST poster.

Logo Design

With the success of multiple poster designs, the Weidenhammer Creative team was once again commissioned for it’s artistic talents, this time to help the non-profit develop a few logos for some of their upcoming music festivals.

Artsquest Logos - Dinner and a Show, Steel Jam, Sabor Latin Festival

ArtsQuest Ad Campaign

When ArtsQuest was looking to produce an illustrated ad campaign for their new flagship event center “Steel Stacks,” they looked no further than good old reliable Weidenhammer Creative! Once an art direction was selected, we set out to design four matching ads, each of which is in one of Steel Stacks’ unique locations. The ads have run on numerous mediums including web, newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards.

These projects captured the look, feel and energy that ArtsQuest wanted.

– Curt Mosel,Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

T.V. Commercial

Upon completion of the full print campaign, Weidenhammer also flexed its creative muscle in the realm of video production. Our team brought to life each of the scenarios, and intertwined them into a seamless 30-second spot.

ArtsQuest has provided Weidenhammer with the opportunity to showcase our illustration, graphic design and video production capabilities and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. They have always trusted our creative nature and given us free reign to represent them accurately. With multiple posters, logos and a full ad campaign including print, web and video under belt, we can’t wait to see what they will throw at us next.

Artsquest Logos and Advertisements

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