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Chester County Food Bank

Chester County Food Bank is a pivotal organization in helping to deliver good, sustainable food to those in need.

Chester County Food Bank


Chester County Food Bank

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Formed in 2009 to address the local hunger epidemic, Chester County Food Bank continues to be a pivotal organization in helping to deliver good, sustainable food to those in need. As the central hunger relief organization in the Chester County area, they serve over 160 partner agencies. Their network of food cupboards and shelters allows them to distribute 3.5 million pounds of food. Every day they continue to work toward their ultimate vision: A Chester County area that knows food security.


Chester County Food Bank’s website was inundated with information. It needed better organization to inform people about the dangers of food insecurity and how people could volunteer their time or contribute financial resources to help in the fight against hunger. Also, there was a need to make people aware of the other initiatives Chester County Food Bank was involved in within the community, something their website struggled to do. As an example, they have a program to educate participants on preparing and incorporating healthier food into one’s diet. Content like this was hard to locate, reducing its impact. Overall, the organization needed a new web platform to help spread awareness and foster a sense of “being part of something bigger than yourself” when it came to community engagement. 


Hammer Marketing helped Chester County Food Bank complete a major revamp of their website. To ensure the information was in the correct place, holistic information architecture was done, including iterative sitemaps and page wireframes. Readers could not only learn about Chester County Food Bank’s more than 10-year commitment to feeding the hungry, but thanks to the newly organized website, they could also easily discover other initiatives they supported. To encourage greater participation and donation to the food bank, calls to action were spread throughout the site. If visitors clicked on the call to action, they would be redirected to pages where they could donate or sign up to volunteer. One of the most exciting new features is an interactive map, which makes it easier for community members to find Hot meal sites and food pantry locations. 


Now, with an updated and interactive website, Chester County Food Bank can better educate and direct visitors on how they can join them in the fight against hunger. Hammer Marketing supports their goal to create a food secure Chester County and has even found time to volunteer with their organization during the holidays.  

When it came time to refresh our website, we were looking for a partner that would be able to help us create not only a great user experience for visitors but also a partner that could create a website that we could grow into as our organization evolves. Weidenhammer became that partner! As a Food Bank, our website is unique in that it welcomes donors, volunteers, people in need of services, and the general community looking to learn more about food insecurity in our community. We have a lot of content to communicate in various ways. The Hammer Team was great in talking through ideas and integrating tools that we can now use to convey our message and expand our outreach.

– Anne Shuniak, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

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