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Coordinated Health

New websites and marketing materials were just what the doctor ordered for this regional healthcare provider.

Coordinated Health

Coordinated Health operates 18 locations across eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey including hospitals, an ambulatory surgical facility, multi-specialty clinics and walk-in care centers. The health network strives to provide top-notch care free of the bloated processes and red tape currently plaguing the American patient experience.


Before we could redesign Coordinated Health’s website, Weidenhammer had to answer an urgent question: Why were users leaving the healthcare system’s website almost as quickly as they arrived? Just as importantly, what could be done to prevent it?


Weidenhammer conducted comparative exercises and analytics reviews. They revealed that, by and large, CoordinatedHealth.com visitors come to the site for one (or more) of four reasons: To find a doctor or specialist, find a location, schedule an appointment or make a payment. 

Armed with this knowledge, Weidenhammer overhauled CoordinatedHealth.com’s information architecture to eliminate guesswork and get users to their destination faster. Four new calls-to-action were given prime real estate: Meet Our Physicians, Explore the Locations, Schedule an Appointment, and Make a Payment. Designed as “hero” text scaled larger than options in the main navigation bar, these text options stay with visitors as they browse, remaining in view even as users scroll up and down through the page. 

The revitalized and reconfigured CoordinatedHealth.com has led to increased online payments and fewer call center inquiries. Additional Weidenhammer-devised solutions contributing to the improved user experience include: 


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