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HoverTech International

We gave this medical device brand a boost with a new website, product brochures, original photography, and more.

HoverTech International

HoverTech International strives to meet the needs for patient handling and movement solutions with innovation and compassion. A world-leader in air-assisted patient handling technologies, they offer a wide range of devices focused solely on the safety of the caregiver and patient.


HoverTech wanted their key markets of caregivers, patient facilities, and medical professionals to understand the value of their products and how they worked. As a smaller company however, HoverTech needed assistance to better compete with other global medical device companies. Their website didn’t effectively showcase their innovative products and they needed a better strategy to demonstrate their solutions.

There was also no easy way for HoverTech’s distributed sales force to access marketing materials and demonstration videos to share with prospective clients. Making matters more complicated, HoverTech didn’t have the manpower to build, manage and maintain a website on their own. They needed to outsource to an agency, and that’s where Weidenhammer came into play.

Our team at Weidenhammer saw an opportunity for HoverTech to leverage modern CMS technology and make it easier for staff and clients alike to find what they needed.


Weidenhammer created a fresh and modern website for Hovertech to increase their competitive edge in their market. Their new website increases customer awareness,  showcases their products, enhances SEO, and offers a library of resources to their audience. Caregivers can now drill down to a clinical environment, such as an emergency room, and find relevant resources. Alternatively, patient handling solutions are offered by scenario to make it easier for a caregiver to find the right product for their needs.

A key component to improving the user experience for internal and external clients was providing training videos and demonstrations. Another element to elevating the website was creating a product catalog that could speak to all areas of a prospective medical setting. The distributed sales force could then point back to these resources to further demonstrate how HoverTech’s solutions could be deployed.

Among the most important details was giving HoverTech autonomy of their own website – and increased marketing efforts – which Weidenhammer did through providing training and tools.


Since launching the new website, HoverTech has seen an increase in web traffic, with organic searches comprising about 50% of visitors to their page. Some other highlights of our partnership with HoverTech include:

Additionally, Weidenhammer completed multiple photoshoots to elevate the looks of HoverTech products. It helped them build up an archive of great product photography to be used as needed across the marketing spectrum. Weidenhammer made extensive use of these new images across the new website and catalog.

Weidenhammer is always a joy to work with! Between the website, brochures and other marketing materials, they deliver amazing final projects, and adapt to our ever-changing schedule and list of priorities at the drop of a hat with no questions asked. They really make our jobs easier!

– Brittany Hahn Marketing Communications Specialist

Graphic Design

Serving as supporting pieces to the newly designed website, the Hovertech team also had asked us to design marketing collateral for them — including brochures and other print pieces.

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