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National DCP, LLC (NDCP) is a global provider of innovative supply chain solutions for the food service industry.


National DCP, LLC (NDCP) is a global provider of innovative supply chain solutions for the food service industry, with its origins in serving Dunkin® franchisees. Focused on serving quick service restaurants, casual dining restaurant brands, and foodservice operators, NDCP’s programs and practices make their customers more profitable while solving supply chain pain points. They currently serve over 10,000 quick service restaurants in the U.S. and distribute products to more than 40 countries.


NDCP is a huge player in the food service industry when it comes to managing supply chain and logistics. However, their website was primarily focused on providing current clients access to a private portal. To reflect their leadership in the field, NDCP recognized it needed an external-facing website that would better tell its story and engage clients, partners, and employees alike.  

Part of the challenge was their current site.

The site was built in Drupal, which meant when NDCP’s communications team wanted to make updates to the website, it often required coding or IT intervention. They knew whatever content management system replacement they chose, it needed to allow ease of access and update, while still directing NDCP’s current clients to the private member portal. 

In search of an agency that had expertise in building B2B websites and an understanding of personalized, omni-channel experiences that engage the user, NDCP identified us as their ideal partner.  


The most important decision we encouraged NDCP to make was switching its content management system. By moving from Drupal to WordPress VIP, NDCP’s staff would have greater autonomy to make the necessary changes required. Adding in an area for blog posts that could be easily managed and maintained by staff meant NDCP could demonstrate relevance and showcase its leadership in supply chain solutions for the food service industry.  

Also, VIP would have the benefit of being scalable as NDCP continues to grow, while maintaining stringent enterprise-level security and reliability.  

From there, we could focus on the components that would go into making NDCP’s new site engaging, visually appealing, and easy to use. One of the factors in our design direction was finding ways to incorporate NDCP’s visual identity throughout the website. We played up elements of NDCP’s branding to focus on a strong, brand-forward aesthetic that would make the website immediately recognizable to prospective and current customers.  

A seamless customer journey

We wanted to ensure that  customers journey through the website seamlessly, which entailed a restructuring of the website’s sitemap and information architecture. Allowing users to take the path that aligned with their interests more easily would encourage site visitors to stay on the site longer and ultimately convert. We also focused on incorporating key search terms so that we could make the most of Google’s SEO best practices and attract more people to the site.  


The most compelling evidence that the new website is performing as desired is the increase in engagement. Users are up 34%, new users 31%, and the bounce rate has decreased by 59%. These details tells us that not only are more people finding the website, but they’re finding reasons to stay. The site’s ease of access is partially due to the fact that it is now mobile and tablet friendly, and includes clear and relevant content that conveys the information users are looking for. 

The communications staff can now easily manage the website’s content, photos, and videos, and benefit from our thoughtful use of design. The site tells the NDCP brand story, using eye-catching design flourishes to highlight NDCP’s primary services, which ties back to giving users a reason to stay. It also meets security, support, and performance standards, and will continue to grow as NDCP grows.  

On top of that, the new NDCP website won a national 2022 Digital Design Award

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