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Insaco’s internal technology had adapted with the needs of their consumers, but their website had not. We designed and developed a custom experience that included interactive components, video, and a designer guide.


Since 1947, Insaco has been synonymous with excellence in the development and production of high-precision machined parts. They excel in fabricating parts from all technical ceramics, sapphire, glass, quartz and other hard materials, using tolerances measured in millionths of an inch. Insaco’s primary consumers have shifted with the times, starting with makers of phonograph needles and textiles to today’s electronics, medical applications, defense and aerospace, and more. Their investments in state-of-the-art technology allows Insaco to have one-of-a-kind capabilities, making them an industry leader.


Insaco’s internal technology had adapted with the needs of their consumers, but their website had not. It was difficult to navigate and didn’t reflect the company’s cutting-edge excellence and expertise in the field. Additionally, the website’s actual platform was not very user-friendly for Insaco’s staff, making it difficult to make necessary updates. With a number of reasons behind them, Insaco recognized a need for change.

Insaco’s leadership knew they wanted a website that reflected their reputation. It needed to be accessible, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Most importantly, customers and staff needed to be able to find materials and sales information easily. When they reached out to Hammer Marketing, there were two primary goals: to design and develop a new website that met their goals; and to build a partnership with our marketing team to support Insaco’s long-term marketing needs.


Hammer Marketing took a broad approach toward the site design and architecture, looking for areas that could be improved upon without adding more work for Insaco’s staff. A key component of the existing website was Insaco’s designer guide, which directed customers and staff to the best materials for their needs. Hammer Marketing saw an opportunity to elevate the guide by making it both cleaner and simpler to use. Site visitors would be able to find what they needed more quickly, while benefiting from the smoother user experience overall.

Hammer Marketing also saw an opportunity to create an enhanced experience that included interactive components, video, and ease-of-navigation. A refined visual approach would keep visitors engaged with the website, offering multiple chances for Insaco to demonstrate exactly why they were experts in the field.

Insaco Website Mockup 2
Insaco Website Mockup1


Since the launch of the new site, Insaco has seen significant increases in page views, pages per session, and average session duration. They’ve also seen a lower bounce rate, indicating the redesign has made a meaningful impact.

Now, the website works as a one-stop shop for employees and customers alike. It houses all of their company and sales materials in one place, and staff can easily make updates, removing a barrier to keeping the site current. And most importantly, Insaco has a website that appropriately reflects their capabilities and reputation in the industry.

This project was long overdue. Our website sorely needed a complete overhaul. After considering several companies, we chose Hammer Marketing. We liked their approach and their ability to provide a turn-key product. They took the time to come to our facility and get to know our entire company including our history and our current processes. Their interest in Insaco was genuine. Combining the new photos with the new navigation and layout we have achieved our goal of a modern website. Having been live on our new site for some time now, we can easily say that Hammer Marketing was the correct choice for us and we are pleased with the results.

– Doug Oswald, Manager of IT, Insaco Inc.

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