Home // Twice as Nice – Hammer Marketing Brings Home Two Health + Wellness Design Awards

Here at Hammer Marketing, when our nose is to the grindstone of a large project, we’re 100% focused on things like crafting the strategy, exploring and refining design ideas, and making the finishing touches during production. But when the website or campaign is launched, we finally have the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the hard work. And in some cases, we even like to show it off.

Recently, we received the exciting news that Hammer Marketing was recognized at the Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) Health + Wellness Design Awards. Specifically, we won two awards for our work with long-time client HoverTech International – one for a product catalog and another for a website. Out of 3,200 entries, only 300 were selected to represent this year’s class of winners. Needless to say, we’re thrilled and honored to be in the top 10% of agencies and companies from around the country.

What’s unique about the GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards, compared to some of the other marketing and advertising competitions, is that entries are judged not just on creativity but also effectiveness and how the communication responds to the client’s needs. Through our partnership with HoverTech for several years, along with experience with other medical device clients, we understand the challenges of this complex, highly regulated industry.

Details of the design.

While creating the website and brochure, we aimed to bring fresh ideas to a well-established brand. As the market leader, the HoverTech brand has become synonymous with the product category (like Kleenex for facial tissues or Xerox for photocopiers). This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Through the designs, we highlighted the technology and benefits unique to Hovertech. In other words, we wanted to differentiate an authentic HoverMatt® from any other products referred to as a hover mat.

Our lead designer, Kyle Huntzinger, also incorporated modern branding elements such as overlapping colored shapes, subtle shadowing, and layered elements for added dimension. Finally, we thoughtfully organized the content so the pieces are clean, professional, and easy to read.

A full team effort.

The HoverTech campaign was also a great example of our agency’s collaboration process – both internally and externally. Creating the website and brochure was truly a team effort, from the discovery and strategy stage to creative concepting to the website programming. Even our in-house photography and videography team got involved, capturing original product imagery in a way that aligned with the overall look and feel of the materials.

After we were notified about winning with GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards, we had the opportunity to share the news with the client during a quarterly meeting. The room erupted with cheering and clapping, making the accolades extra special. While winning awards is far from our top priority, it is fulfilling to have our work recognized within the industry. And in cases like HoverTech, the accomplishment speaks to the trusted, productive partnerships we have with our clients, which is what it’s really all about.